A new kidney dish

We aim to make healthcare sustainable.

Our vision

Our vision is to improve healthcare by continuously enhancing our products through close customer collaboration. We strive to transform healthcare by innovating in sustainable medical solutions.

Our product

The design allows the basin to be placed on the bedside, preventing it from being knocked over, thus freeing the hands of the healthcare worker for patient care. Additionally, there are three

compartments that make the basin more

organized, facilitating easier use.

Contrary to the traditional basin, our design

is entirely reusable, drastically reducing waste

streams in hospitals. After each use, the basin

can be cleaned. The reusability extends the

lifespan by multiple years.

Even when the basin reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be entirely recycled to create a brand-new product. Through collaboration with various partners for recycling and production, our basin is fully circular.




About us

Saga Medical Solutions is an innovative startup aiming to make healthcare sustainable.

Wat makes us unique

Our company is unique because we engage with customers in dialogue to collectively develop solutions. This approach allows us to offer tailored solutions that perfectly meet customer needs.

What we deliver

We offer a continuous partnership with our clients. Together, we develop sustainable solutions for challenges in the healthcare sector.

Our partnerships

We collaborate closely with hospitals, healthcare facilities but also waste management companies, and production companies to ensure the circularity of our product.


The team


Useful tool

"The kidney trays have been positively received, especially within the sustainability working group. Healthcare professionals consider it a useful tool that serves its purpose effectively."


- Healthcare facility

Recognizable issue

“It's great to see that you've taken action on this. Indeed, this is a recognizable issue that colleagues flagged years ago.”


- Hospital


“This product certainly has advantages for sorting items, for me, it's a product with potential.”


- Hostpital